Your Fear Free Certified Veterinarian in Bloomfield

DePorre Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing the best care to pets in Bloomfield, and that care includes their mental and emotional well-being, too. That’s why we’ve invested time and resources into training our team to become Fear Free Certified Professionals. After undergoing an online training program, these staff members learn to better detect anxiety and fear in pets, and better yet, they learn how to address it.

Cute cat sleeping on the windowsill in a rainy day
smiling face of labrador dog in hugs

Experience a Fear Free Veterinary Visit

Visit us at DePorre Veterinary Hospital and experience a veterinary visit without the stress! Our Fear Free Certified Professionals will be quick to greet you and put your pet (and you!) at ease. Schedule an appointment today!


We love this place! They have taken such good care of my poodle since she was a puppy! Always helpful advice and the boarding is great too!

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DePorre Veterinary Hospital

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