Cat and Dog Grooming in Bloomfield Hills, MI
at Bloomfield Pet Grooming

Cat and dog grooming may seem like a purely aesthetic service, but it is so much more. Your pets receive a deep clean and a trendy cut that looks good and makes them feel good, too. Both dogs and cats benefit from a grooming experience, so make an appointment at Bloomfield Pet Grooming today!

Remember, we have a separate number from the main animal hospital, so to call us directly, at (248) 792-3300 to book your cat or dog's grooming appointment.

Pet going home after cat grooming

Quality Veterinary Care Just a Few Steps Away

For your convenience, appointments for cat and dog grooming can be coordinated with your veterinary appointments! This is especially useful if we’ve found any skin abnormalities. The vet will be able to take a look right away and run diagnostic testing if needed.

Medical Boarding for Pets with Special Needs

Beyond the grooming aspect, Bloomfield Pet Grooming also houses our medical boarding facility which is available Monday-Friday. Medical boarding is reserved for pets with special needs who require consistent care while they’re away from home.

Contact us today at (248) 792-3300 to inquire about our cat and dog boarding availability and if your pet is eligible.

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